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So white and nerdy
Nibbler setting up the gigabit lan
My roommate taking a cake to the face
The mafia in owb

exploiting human nature

is human nature... we've been doing it since we were born. somehow our chaos feels teleological.

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so i just signed a lease on my first 1 bedroom apartment .. woo im all grown up!! he said theres 5,000 different kind of plants roaming wild, but i think that was just sales hype.

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yo yo yo! so who is having a bad ass summer so far? keep it up people! im going to the beach. peace.
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thursday, december 6. 4:13 am pst

i wish there was a 24/7 pancake delivery service... in other news we're launching windows hosting in ~1week and as of right now there are only 2 admins. FUN!! and now here are some more pics from voodoo fest ( the chick that had the camera finally uploaded some more )

this is a crazy marching band that utilizes bullhorns, tubes, and other weird shit to play music.

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xmas vacation

so i'm coming to madison the 19th through the 23rd. any of my friends going to be free for some drinks?

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what are your 2008 resolutions?

to make 2008 twice as awesome as 2007.

what is your drink of choice (alcohol or otherwise)?

non-alcoholic: iced tea ftw.
alcoholic: a cold beer. maybe something with whiskey in it. surprise me.

how are you like your horoscope?

The Sagittarius person is freedom-loving, extroverted, straightforward, benevolent, philosophic, ardent, idealistic, sincere, intellectual, knowledgeable, creative, philosophical, broad-minded, sexual, funny, free-spirited. always happy, good-sense-of-humor, honest, open-minded, truth-seeking, just, fun-loving, athletic, adventurous, expansive, and optimistic. The Sagittarian is known to be blunt, exaggerative, know-it-all, over-indulgent, tactless, aggressive, scattered, spiteful, impatient, pushy, annoying, loud, restless, talks too much, careless, critical, vain, and rebellious.

85% spot on i'd say. more of an introvert and not so evil :)

what is your favorite song at the moment?

mac lethal - make out bandit

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marry me instead.

jayOh, 3489 days ago   

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you are the love of my life.
let's get married.

see you soon!

britt, 3592 days ago   

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hey my love!!!

how are you?!

britt, 3715 days ago   

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hi how u serverz

jayOh, 3716 days ago   

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hey man whats going on!!

rebot, 3716 days ago   

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